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Random Lessons Learned

Mega awesome form of Transportation

Hello all, I always get excited about experiencing a new mode of transportation. As I made my way to Boston to head out to the Azores.  I was struggling about what to do with my Jeep if I drove...

Travel Tip – How to pack. 

​Hello everyone, I saw this video on YouTube years ago about how to fit 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. I bow down to this guy, he is the master.   Watching his video, allowed me...

Are you a CT or RI beach person?

CT is in a no mans land, stuck between NYC and Boston Mass. The inhabitants of CT are used to dividing ourselves between lots of things, most notably between sports teams of the two big cities....

I learned that shit happens.

When I travel, I love it when I hear local colloquialisms or idioms. Those little interesting gifts of language with a wonderful twist or clever analogy all wrapped up with a bow. According to...

Lessons on being part of the Club

When I was young, being part of a club or team meant acceptance and inclusion, but not so much inclusion that it was a commonplace thing. Being part of a club was a distinction for the few that were...


Margaret Webster

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