I found a free travel app for my Android device that I’m pretty enamoured with, called Skyscanner. Like all airline travel booking apps, it does a great job in finding flights when you put in a starting location to leave from with the appropriate dates and put in a destination location.

One of the features that I love about this app is that it lets you pick ‘Everywhere’ as a destination.  If you are like me, you might think “hmmmm, I think I’m overdue for a trip. I wonder where I should go next? So many destinations, I just can’t make up my mind.” I think I will just let the Universe tell me where I need to go. Let me pull out Skyscanner and put in which airport that I want to fly out of and specify the destination as ‘Everywhere’. That’s when the magic happens.

You can sort by price and it will tell you where the cheapest flights are. Now you can have some fun choices to pick from including destinations you’ve probably never heard of and a cool calendar that is color coded showing which dates are cheaper (green) which are more expensive(red) and in-between(yellow or amber as my UK friends like to say)

For me, I find it fun just to check-in on Skyscanner every week or so, just to see which countries comes up, what the fares are, which then sparks my imagination and inspires me to look up information on a country I might not know much about. It becomes a fun little pastime for me when I have a few spare moments.

For more information on Skyscanner go to www.skyscanner.com or your play store to download the free app.

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margaret 150x150 - PSA - New Discoveries in Booking cheap flights. Skyscanner

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