Lynn and I used to be neighbors. We knew each other from a mutual friend and have spent time chilling in front of a firepit in the evenings enjoying a good fire. We’d talk about this and that but I can’t say that I really knew her well. 

After she moved away we became FB friends. I’d see posts from her and her dogs and I’d like them. Because I also am an animal lover. Then I started to notice that she started posting stuff about stuff I really loved and appreciated. 

She had camping posts and outdoor cooking posts  – I was like wait a minute! How come I didn’t know that??? Then there were cool inspirational metaphysical posts – I was like wait minute??? Then there were these awesome things she made and she was super crafty – I was like wait a minute??? 

We really should be BFF’s, we had so much in common. That’s how it is sometimes, relationships take time to develop. 

Here is the truth, she makes cool stuff for people that are lovers of their fur babies. If you have a hard to shop for dog owner, then consider buying something from Lynn. She is super awesome. She will be at the Book Release Party so show a sister some love, buy some treats for you own dogs and cats – I know a bunch of you have Christmas stockings for your special fur babies!!! 

Here is her Bio

Hi, my name is lynn and have been a dog groomer for the past 3 years, animal lover since birth and a diy extremist for some time. I love the idea of taking my ideas and turning them into objects people can enjoy for years to come. I make home made dog beds, bird feeders and bird baths, aromatherapy blankets and collars. I also make homemade chicken jerky, safe for cats and dogs… humans too… chemical free. I also custom bake pet birthday cakes, pup cakes and cookies upon request. Please contact me to place an order or inquire about your pets needs. Thank you

.. lynn 860 770 5381

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Margaret Webster

What happens when an upbeat, sociable, single, empty nester in midlife, outdoor enthusiast, critter gal, science geek, history buff, treasure hunter with an addiction to brown signs and the wanderlust, embarks on a 4 month road trip in her Chevy pickup truck, loaded with a tent, kayak, bicycle, 5 changes of clothes, her laptop, and cell phone, by herself, that essentially turned into a fulltime lifestyle?
margaret 150x150 - Meet Lynn Weiss

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