In south eastern California, by Yucca Valley there is a town incorporated in the 1940s and was a parcel of land that started as a place for TV stars like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry would work and film their shows. They rested in homes that they owned there. Today, the town is inhabited by people that live there full time. There is a post office, gen store, lots of stores showing art work and fun things to purchase, a bar called the Red Dog Saloon and a bowling Alley.

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Margaret Webster

What happens when an upbeat, sociable, single, empty nester in midlife, outdoor enthusiast, critter gal, science geek, history buff, treasure hunter with an addiction to brown signs and the wanderlust, embarks on a 4 month road trip in her Chevy pickup truck, loaded with a tent, kayak, bicycle, 5 changes of clothes, her laptop, and cell phone, by herself, that essentially turned into a fulltime lifestyle?
margaret 150x150 - LFTR - US - Pioneertown CA

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Margaret Webster

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