This past weekend I made a road trip from Connecticut to Indiana. I had to go pick up my RV at the manufacturer where it was being repaired. I went with a friend. Anothe woman my age. It was approx 28 hours of driving over a weekend. What do 2 grown women talk about while being cooped up in a vehicle for that long? The short answer is, ALOT! I’ve compiled aa bit of a list. We talked about jeeps and the ever popular Jeep death wobble (look that up, scary stuff), trucks, mudbogging, swamp buggies, menopause, hot flashes, shampoos, health, excersize, children and how much we love tgem, children and how they made us crazy, grandchildren, breast feeding, horses, farms, farming, the ocean, natural resources, music, cribbage, board games, friends, old lost loves, new lost loves, crappy ex husbands, body parts, athletics, feet which is a body part but it was a good conversation, past life regression, God, Allah, Mohammed, the Bible, the Quran, The Torah, the holocaust, politics (Feel the BERN!! I had to throw that in there), food, diets, self deprecation, the sun, camping, cows, sheep, goats, tractor trailer trucks, driving speeds, spiritualality, vacations, sex, aging, RV manufacturing and how it sucks. Boating, North Carolina, family, tragic figures, great movies, historically significant events, squirrels burying nuts in a dogs fur, trees, snow, wind, BBQ, helping other people, racoons that help each other out, yoga, gun control, rest stops, chakras, traveling.

It was such a great experience and it made the whole trip much more fun.

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margaret 150x150 - LFTR - US Girl road trip

Margaret Webster

What happens when an upbeat, sociable, single, empty nester in midlife, outdoor enthusiast, critter gal, science geek, history buff, treasure hunter with an addiction to brown signs and the wanderlust, embarks on a 4 month road trip in her Chevy pickup truck, loaded with a tent, kayak, bicycle, 5 changes of clothes, her laptop, and cell phone, by herself, that essentially turned into a fulltime lifestyle?
margaret 150x150 - LFTR - US Girl road trip

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Margaret Webster

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