On my recent trip to Maine to see Acadia National Park. I booked a campsite at the Balsam Cove Campground in Orland Maine. The campground is a beautiful piece of property on a lovely lake. The facilities are well maintained and the staff are friendly and customer focused.

I got there late on Friday and decided to take advantage of the movie they were showing that night and get some food from the snack bar. There was a woman sitting in a scooter store scooter and I asked if I could plop myself down on a picnic table she was parked next to. She indicated that the picnic table was open. As I am known to do, I struck up a conversation with her. Her name is Lori. This blog a lesson learned about how you just never know what life has in store for you and if life get’s tough, hang in there, things have a way of working out.

From homeless to needing to shelter money. It just goes to show, you just never know what life has in store for you.

I’m sitting next to this lady on her scooter who appears to be retirement age and I assumed that she is a camper. As it turns out, she and her husband owns the campground. They tell me the story of how they met. Back in the day they were basically hippies. Her husband talked of being homeless and how people helped him out and how he was a friend of her brother’s and they met when he couchsurfed at her mom’s home. He talked about how kind well meaning people had provided shelter to him and someone taught them how to do leatherwork as an opportunity to make money.

Over the years, they had built various businesses and the campground was shelter for thier surplus money. From homeless to needing to shelter money. It just goes to show, you just never know what life has in store for you. As it turns out, like me, she also has a love of writing. One of the great things that she does when she is snowbirding in Florida is to work with elderly people in convalescent homes or assisted living facilities to have them write down thier stories and publish some of them. How awesome is that? What a wonderful legacy for these people to leave for thier families and she is the catalyst.

If you find yourself thinking about staying in Maine, consider Balsam Cove Campground. I recommend it. Have you had a similar positive, you just never know how life will turn out story? I’d love to hear it.

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margaret 150x150 - Lori and Dave at Balsam Cove

Margaret Webster

What happens when an upbeat, sociable, single, empty nester in midlife, outdoor enthusiast, critter gal, science geek, history buff, treasure hunter with an addiction to brown signs and the wanderlust, embarks on a 4 month road trip in her Chevy pickup truck, loaded with a tent, kayak, bicycle, 5 changes of clothes, her laptop, and cell phone, by herself, that essentially turned into a fulltime lifestyle?
margaret 150x150 - Lori and Dave at Balsam Cove

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