The Rato metro station near my Lisbon home has these crazy steep stairs with escalators on each side. One going up and one going down. There always seems to be at least 1 escalator that is out of order when I’m traveling on the metro. I always think man I so glad that the up escalator is working. It would be a sad day indeed if the up escalator broke down.

Well it happened today. I had my weekend bag with me and I go to the closest exit to my home and the escalator is not working. Then I decide to walk to the other exit and again the up escalator is not working. I just stood there staring at those crazy steep stairs, grabbed my bag and marched up those steps. Then there is another smaller flight of stairs and another one beyond that one. My ass is going to be in the best shape of my life with all of these hills and stairs I’m walking. If you travel here try to travel light, just in case you have to schlep up a crazy steep set of stairs. 🙂

wp 14560947695091 - I learned I can tackle one of my biggest fears!

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margaret 150x150 - I learned I can tackle one of my biggest fears!

Margaret Webster

What happens when an upbeat, sociable, single, empty nester in midlife, outdoor enthusiast, critter gal, science geek, history buff, treasure hunter with an addiction to brown signs and the wanderlust, embarks on a 4 month road trip in her Chevy pickup truck, loaded with a tent, kayak, bicycle, 5 changes of clothes, her laptop, and cell phone, by herself, that essentially turned into a fulltime lifestyle?
margaret 150x150 - I learned I can tackle one of my biggest fears!

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