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Margaret Webster

Hi, I’m Margaret Webster.

Do you love to travel or wish you could travel? Do want to get to know the United States and the world in all of its uniquely fun, sometimes a little messed up and crazy glory? Do you ever wonder about people and places that make us, well, us? Do you have an affinity for history and the people and places that make up that history? Do you love heartwarming stories about everyday people? Finally, do you enjoy learning new insights and perspectives that might change your view?

Then this is the blog for you!

A little about me:

I had the ‘normal’ life working 9 to 5, raising children and taking care of a home. When the children left the nest, I decided that a change of scenery was in order. I embarked upon a two-month road trip. I packed my truck and a tent and set off to see the United States with no particular agenda. Very quickly, I became addicted to the wanderlust, and that two-month road-trip became a full-time lifestyle that lasted almost 8 years.

Throughout my wanderings, I have encountered fun epiphany moments and life lessons learned. I was exposed to new sights and met amazing people that inspired, shocked and entertained me. My natural curiosity and the unabashed multitude of questions (yeah, I’m that guy in a tour), had me peel back the onion to discover that my perspective on commonly held beliefs were challenged and changed forever. These are the moments I want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I try to post one blog a week that has some “Gee, I didn’t know that!” moments. Maybe inspire you to do a little of your own wandering. Please feel free to comment on a blog. I especially love it, if you have additional information to add to the overall blog experience for all the readers. I hope you learn a little something cool along the way.

If you enjoy my blog musings, you will probably enjoy my book, “Lessons from the Road: USA” available in all major online and book selling outlets. If you like to try and support small business owners, please go to to find out who the independent booksellers are in your area. Give them a shout out and tell them I said, HI!



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  1. avatar 1 - About Margaret

    We are all on a journey and since meeting you I will love to follow yours. Keep on trucking or in your case RVing.

  2. avatar 1 - About Margaret

    My most awesome, hysterical, mystical, magical, friend. I miss you loads. Super happy you are fulfilling your bucket list. Living life as it should be lived. Big hugs, lots of smiles. Keep on trucking.

  3. avatar 1 - About Margaret

    My dearest friend, you are the most free spirited person I know. You make us feel like we are all with you on this journey of yours. Thank you for sharing your life. Miss you and enjoy what life has in store for you. Ann .

    • margaret 150x150 - About Margaret

      Love you guys!!! Remember join a book club now and bring me in as a guest author!!!! The club has to read the book of course. 🙂 shameless yes I know!!!!

  4. avatar 1 - About Margaret

    ” I am not dead” postings on Face Book = Funny I am not dead yet, I feel great I think I’ll go out for a walk!


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Margaret Webster

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