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Mega awesome form of Transportation

Hello all, I always get excited about experiencing a new mode of transportation. As I made my way to Boston to head out to the Azores.  I was struggling about what to do with my Jeep if I drove to Boston. Although there were parking options, they were a little bit more expensive than I wanted to pay. So I set off in search of exploring other...

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Travel Tip – How to pack. 

​Hello everyone, I saw this video on YouTube years ago about how to fit 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. I bow down to this guy, he is the master.   Watching his video, allowed me to fit enough clothes and 4 pairs of shoes including a pair of knee high dress boots for a 3 month trip, in a bag that is only 22 inches. His...

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​Random Musings – How to pronounce Qatar

    Every person that has ever played Scrabble knows there are precious few words in the English dictionary that does not have a letter U immediately following a letter Q. Furthermore, any respectable Scrabble player has memorized or at least has a sheet of those handy Q without the letter U words hanging around just in case the...

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Are you a CT or RI beach person?

CT is in a no mans land, stuck between NYC and Boston Mass. The inhabitants of CT are used to dividing ourselves between lots of things, most notably between sports teams of the two big cities. People from CT also divide ourselves in other ways as well. One of them is by identifying which side of the CT River you are from. The CT River divides...

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Order LFTR – USA Available Now!

Lessons from the Road share the travel adventures of a funny, single, 50-something year-old woman, traveling across the U.S. in a pickup truck. Webster is navigationally challenged and yet strangely addicted to camping sites and critters. She visits monuments of historical or personal significance and meets some fascinating people along the way!

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